Gay Travel Information – Harry’s Bar & Burger – Providence, RI

Harry’s Bar & Burger / 121 N. Main Street / Providence, RI 02903 / 401-228-7437

There is no denying the fact that I am a HUGE Chow Fun Food Group groupie! I love the concepts of each of their restaurants which include Rick’s Roadhouse, 10 Prime Steak & Sushi, XO Cafe, Luxe Burger Bar and Harry’s Bar & Burger.

Harry’s makes me all giddy inside. Their motto is “Life is too short to eat lousy food”! High five to that, I say! 

Lucky us then because Harry’s food is anything but lousy! 
 But like all my reviews I always delve deeper than the food itself. I am an ambiance type of gal. I respond to the vibe of a place. My fun factor meter is always running and I am happy to report that Harry’s is a fun place, or as us Rhode Islander’s would say, “wicked cool”! 
I mean, c’mon, there have a cow mascot, neon signs AND beer in a 68oz beer boot. Need I say more? 
Okay, let’s add that the staff is super friendly, cute-as-can-be and made my partner and I feel like rock stars. 
Oh yeah, and how does 1/2 price burgers sound ever day between 3-5pm? 
Still not satisfied? Well, Harry’s serves 100% pure Hereford beef mini burgers that range from the classic to a Pastrami burger. Yup. 
Don’t worry, there is chicken on the menu as well as a veggie burger, Harry’s mom’s chicken soup, hot dogs, chili, fries etc., 
Mouth watering yet? 
And OH-MY-GOD are the prices reasonable! Two sliders start as low as $3.99 (don’t forget that this is half off between 3-5pm daily….ka-ching$$)!
Jen and I started with the chick-on-a-stick appetizer which was served with a Thai dipping sauce. You get six of these babies for $4.99! 
The chicken was grilled to perfection and SOOOO GOOOOOD!! 
To wash down her appetizer Jen ordered the Doggie Style Pale Ale, which she said was so smooth going down (ahem).
Jen ordered their HUGE Coney Island Dog (grilled, sweet relish and caramelized onions) and a side order of Salt & Pepper Fries.
I ordered Harry’s Classic Sliders (toasted potato rolls, grilled onion, lettuce & pickle) and added an extra Pastrami Burger slider (made with american cheese, grilled onion, black pastrami and pickles). I also ordered a side order of sweet potato fries. 
The dog, burgers and fries were DE-LI-CIOUS
I love the concept of mini burgers. You don’t feel “as” guilty AND you can mix and match which burgers you’d like! 
I remember thinking how moist the burgers were – AND FILLING! Don’t let the size fool you. These babies pack a punch! 
Of course we HAD to try desert so we chose the Irish Car Bomb Brownie Bites (made with Guiness chocolate brownie and chocolate Baileys whiskey sauce).
I’m tipsy just typing that! 😉 Speaking of packing a punch….woah! You can really taste the liquor in this delicious dessert! Yum! 

MENU: Click HERE for Harry’s Bar & Burger Menu.


  • Sunday – Thursday: 11:30AM – 1AM (kitchen open until 12am) 
  • Fridays & Saturdays: 11:30AM – 2AM(kitchen open until 1am)

EVENTS: Click HERE for upcoming events.


GAY & LESBIAN FACTOR: Harry’s Bar & Burger is located in one of the most gay friendly areas of Providence, the “College Hill” / East Side area walking distance to both Brown University and RISD. This area is often referenced as Rhode Island’s “Castro” district. There is a very liberal vibe and large LGBT scene. The Chow Fun Food Group, as a whole, is one of the most gay friendly companies around and deserves our support for sure. The staff at Harry’s made Jen and I feel right at home and were extremely personable. I absolutely love the vibe at Harry’s! There was lots of college students and just a fun, hip vibe. I am most definitely “OUTING” Harry’s Bar & Burger as LGBT friendly and worthy of our business. 

Harry’s is one of those places that once you experience it – you will crave it. You will crave the food, the ambiance, the service and the overall vibe of this awesome place. 

Desiree Sousa


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