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Dreamlets is a Seattle based company founded in 2006 to put smiles on faces by reigniting the childlike part in all of us; the place where creativity is conceived and dreams are never limited by our present understanding. Dreamlets believes that dreams do come true, and creativity has the power to make the world better for us all. Dreamlets is also a line of designer plush friends made to be loved.

Speaking of made to be loved, let me just say – I LOVE my Dreamlets! These adorable, plush characters each have their own personality and message. 


Booksmart & Thoughtful

With strength of mind and beauty to boot, Thinko is a great reminder to be honest about the things we don’t know, always seek understanding, and ask the questions we might othewise be uncomfortable asking, after all, we’re all still learning.

Kicking back with a soft cuddly genius like Thinko might just give you the space you need to work out your own story problems.

Simple & Wise

Does the truth of everyday things give you a soft smile? Do you look at the blue sky, smell the fresh air of spring, revel in a slow walk, or enjoy the subtle sound of leaves…Stanley tries to—every minute.

Stanley’s presence can inspire middle day meditations on gratitude, compassion, or maybe even double-decker chocolate sundaes.

Fun & Adventurous

Ceecee is always in the mood for adventure; to discover the sweet things in life; to get out and find a new crack in the sidewalk, a new flower that’s bloomed, another sea monster to tame, or just a new flavor in the mouth.

If you want to dive into each day, Ceecee is your accomplice. Let Ceecee’s curiosity motivate you to take a leap into your ambitions without fear.

Creative & Spontaneous

Novel ideas come from the strangest places, and Qoindo is one of the strangest beings you’ll ever meet. Qoindo reminds us to look for creativity in juxtapositions and disparate ideologies.

Enjoying Qoindo’s company will prove that it’s never too soon to tap into your infinite creativity or just tap dance in the produce aisle.

Warm & Nurturing

Beebee wants to nurture all your feelings, bring warmth to your day, and sing you to sleep. She is a believer of good friends, great possibilities of imagination, and swimming in this ocean of love we are all apart of.

Rooted in the most universal of truths; Beebee knows the essentialness of hugs, the joy of a warm bed, a kiss goodnight. Pretty much the bread and butter of living, right?

Wide-eyed & Welcoming

Uncle approaches each moment as a fresh opportunity to see beauty and be astounded. Sometimes looking at the stars means you trip over your own feet, but who cares really? Walking straight is totally overrated.

You may feel Uncle’s influence when your step has more spring, bird songs sound like show tunes, and more people smile at you—but how can they help themselves?





One Size Fits All

Perfectly suitable for people of all ages. Uncle is designed to make you smile, to encourage you to take life a little less seriously, and to remind you that the life you’ve always wanted is yours for the taking. You know, lessons you’re never too young to start learning and never too old to hone.



Companies have a huge impact on people, our environment, and culture, and it’s our mission to make our impact a positive one. We have founded 1% For Creativity to do just that. For every Dreamlet you buy we give 1% of gross revenues to organizations that support creative thought through funding and education. And when you register Dreamletsonline you will be given a chance to participate in this vision by picking the organization(s) that resonate most with you. Learn more HERE.

Not only have I fallen in love with Dreamlets, so have my friends & family, including my three year old niece! 

I have to say however, my friends (most in their 20/30’s) absolutely flipped when they saw these little guys! There was laughter, the whole “THEY ARE SO CUTE”! and then the inevitable hugging of the Dreamlets and swooning over how “soft and cuddly” they are! 😀 

That they are my friends….that they are!

Dreamlets are reasonably priced at $25.00 each and can be purchased here:

Desiree Sousa


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