Gay Travel Information – Providence Coal Fired Pizza – Providence, RI

Providence Coal Fired Pizza / 385 Westminster Street / Providence, RI 02903 / 401-454-7499 

I had never heard about coal fired pizza before learning about Providence Coal Fired Pizza here in Rhode Island, but I knew it was something I had to try out!

A friend of mine stumbled across this amazing restaurant on a recent trip from Boston and frantically informed me that I absolutely had to do a review for my web site.

She said “I would die” when I had their pizza. The woman knows I LOVE pizza, so I, of course, took her advice and contacted Providence Coal Fired Pizza right away. 

Providence Coal Fired Pizza blends in perfectly on trendy Westminster Street and is walking distance to Providence Performing Arts Center, Trinity Rep, Dunkin Donuts Center and the Convention Center.

The restaurant has an inviting, handsome, modern-industrial feel. I love the open layout inside, including a beautiful open kitchen spotlighting the restaurant’s claim to fame, a custom-built oven which performs at approximately 900°F — much higher than traditional or wood fired ovens. 

The restaurant was hopping the night my partner Jen and I stopped by as there was a fundraiser going on. 

It was great to see the “after work” crowd mixed in with college students, families etc., 

After being greeted by the instantly likable manager, Michael, we were shown to our table and taken great care of by our equally likable waiter, Jason! 

Before even reading the menu, I soaked in magnificent aromas of food being prepared and the urban ambiance. 

There is an upscale (yet laid back) vibe to the place. 

This is NOT your average “pizza joint”. It is a step above for sure! 

Since we were here for a review we had our “eating face” on and were ready to sample the goods! 😉

You are served bread with For appetizers we tried one of the evenings specials, a house made chicken sausage with roasted green apples and violet (red wine) mustard and one of their signature apps, coal fired chicken wings served with charred onions, seasalt and Rosemary. 

Just stop a minute and re-read what I just wrote. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it? IT WAS! 

I never had sausage as tender and light as Providence Coal Fired Pizza’s house made chicken sausage. The roasted green apples and mustard created the perfect fusion of flavors. 

Then there are the chicken wings.

I promise you that you have NEVER tasted ANY CHICKEN WING like these. Trust me. These aren’t no .25 cent wings at some local chain restaurant. These are gourmet wings.

Crunchy and uniquely flavored to perfection. This cooking with coal, an art form no doubt, is winning me over big time! I can remember the smell and taste as clear as day as I type this and it is taken everything in me NOT stop what I am doing and head to Providence right now! 😉 

The food was already off-the-charts delicious and we hadn’t even tried their pizza yet! 

While enjoying our appetizers, Jen also enjoyed a Blueberry Martini which she said was heavenly and tasted as if she was eating handfuls of fresh blueberries. 

Then the moment arrived. Our pizzas arrived. Yes, pizzas. We ordered two. The Margherita Pizza (Tomato, mozzarella, and fresh basil) and Meatball Pizza (tomato, ricotta and mozzarella).

These pizzas were HUGE and rather beautiful! 

Now hear me out. I am a Rhode Islander which means I have grown up with some of the best pizza in the world but nothing, NOTHING prepared me for the pure awesomeness and unique flavor/quality of coal fired pizza.


As there web site states, there really is no way to describe the taste. You just have to experience it for yourself. 

The dough is dense yet crunchy. There is a distinct, automatically addictive, flavor that the coal provides. 

The sauce is just the right amount of sweet and spicy and everything about the pizzas were super fresh and organic. 

Pizza always comes down to the dough and sauce. I have to say, in all honesty, I have a new raining champion of best pizza here in Rhode Island. 

Province Coal Fired Pizza’s dough and sauce are unlike anything – anywhere are beyond delicious!

Be sure to take a walk toward the back where the oven is to watch the talented chefs in action. 

The oven, and space in general, is sure to impress! 



  • Monday-Friday 11:30am-closing
  • Saturday & Sunday 12:00pm-closing

RESERVATIONS / GROUPS: I could think of no better place in Providence to host a special event or meeting. You can book your group’s reservations HERE or make reservations for yourself and a guest. 

GOOD TO KNOW: Providence Coal Fired Pizza offers valet parking! Love it! 

GAY & LESBIAN FACTOR: Providence. as a whole, is an extremely gay friendly destination. Westminster Street happens to be in the heart of downtown Providence, close to all the most popular gay & lesbian nightclubs. The staff at Providence Coal Fire Pizza was extremely welcoming to Gay Travel Information and made my partner and I feel right at home. There was something so genuine about manager, Michael Santos, our waiter Jason and the chef I was lucky enough to meet the night we dined there. These are the type people – the type places – you WANT to support. Great people behind great food. What more do you need? 🙂 I am absolutely “OUTING” Providence Coal Fired Pizza as LGBT friendly and worthy of our business! 

I loved everything about our experience at Providence Coal Fired Pizza. The ambiance, staff, location and, most importantly, THE FOOD! 

definitely a place to be experienced. 

See you there! 

Desiree Sousa


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