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GOLA – Styles of yesteryear combined with today’s most sought after trends. 

Fall, my absolute favorite time of the year,  has always meant new fashion to me!

I am a sucker for bulky sweaters, colorful scarves and, of course – sneakers.

Oh. How. I . Love. Sneakers. 

One of my absolute favorite brands, Gola, feeds my sneaker addiction. 

So many styles! So many colors! What’s a girl to do? 

First, let me give you a little background info on this amazing brand. 

The Gola Brand was born of humble beginnings in a small factory in 1905. 

Since then the brand has experienced a roller coaster ride, surviving two World Wars & various other trials and tribulations to blossom in the 1960’s and 70’s as the pre-eminent sportswear brand. 

Today Gola keeps true to its roots and has become of the most enduring and endearing sportswear and fashion brands in the UK. It’s fair to say that Gola has stood the test of time and made its mark on the fashion world. Gola creatively incorporates its unprecedented heritage into its flagship designs, by combining styles from yesteryear with today’s most sought after trends. 


  • The Gola Brand was born May 22, 1905.
  • Gola’s history includes everything from making boots for the army during World War II as well as football and rugby boots.
  • In 1968 ‘The Harrier’ training shoe, the flagship design of the Gola range was born. The ‘Harrier’ changed the British sportswear scene and became the must have training show of the late 60’s and 70’s. 
  • In 2000 Gola Classics is created; this builds on the brand’s British heritage but is fashion oriented. 
  • Gola celebrates it’s 100 year anniversary in 2005. 
  • In 2008 Gola celebrates 40 years of it’s most iconic trainer, the Gola ‘Harrier’. Nothing to do with the British born jump set, the Gola ‘Harrier’ was originally available in white/green, 40 years later the style has been produced in over 200 color combinations! 

The sneakers I decided to check out this fall include the Javelin Nylon (Orange/Black – $70) and Quota Stripe (Anthracite/White – $55). 

Gola Javelin Nylon is a retro lace-up trainer based on a training shoe from the 70’s.

Javelin Nylon features a creased nylon upper with suede detail and a gum sole to give it an authentic look. 

LOOK AT THESE? Aren’t they beautiful? 

They are extremely comfortable and fashionable. I am loving the orange/black coloring as it screams “Fall” to me and looks great with dark blue jeans and black sweater. 

I am also loving the Quota Stripe shoes! I am the type girl who will wear a pair of sneakers like this with dress slacks to a meeting. 

I love the nautical inspired look and think they look fantastic with jeans or khaki’s! 

Let me also note Gola’s absolutely fabulous bag collection! 

I am loving my Gola Redford Bag ($30) which has a retro inspired look from the 1970’s and is perfect for everyday use including trips to the gym or as a toiletry bag on vacations. 

Really, I can’t say enough about Gola! I look forward to watching my collection grow! 

Shop Gola’s latest fasions here:

-Desiree Sousa


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