Gay Travel Information – Product Review – Toilet Yoga


Sometimes items are just destined to cross your path as is the way I feel with Toilet Yoga.


Ah, yes. Adds all new meaning to “killing two birds with one stone” (by the way – can we have a second for what an awful saying that is)? 



Toilet Yoga.

Put that darn crossword book down and get healthy while supporting a great cause! 

Let me tell you first hand, this book works! You will leave your bathroom feeling refreshed in more than one way. 

There will be more of a skip to your step when you exit the loo! 

A proceed for each sale from Toilet Yoga will help support clean and hygienic bathrooms. 

2.6 billion people – 40% of the world’s population – don’t have somewhere safe, clean and hygienic to go to the bathroom. The human impact of this scandalous statistic is enormous: nearly one in five child deaths each year is due to diarrhea.

For people in poor communities, the most basic of toilet is quite literally a life-saver – protecting women from the risk of attack as they find somewhere private to squat, and shielding children from preventable diarrheal diseases. Bringing relief to this epidemic is a MOVEMENT we can get behind. Toilet Yoga is proud to be partnering with Toilet Twinning, a non-profit working diligently to eradicate this toilet tragedy. Every purchase you make with Toilet Yoga is helping to bring relief in these communities. Your purchase matters.

Stop the stink. Join The Movement.


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