Gay Travel Information: Trattoria Zooma – Providence, Rhode Island

Trattoria Zooma / 245 Atwells Avenue, Providence, RI 02903 / 401-383-2002

Trattoria Zooma located right in the heart of Providence, RI’s “Little Italy”, Federal Hill (one of the top “Little Italy’s” in the country may I add) is a feast for the senses. 
This traditional southern Italian (Neapolitan) restaurant is stunningly beautiful. The dance of fuchsia, steel blue, heart pink, navy and gray mixed with butcher block wood finishing and fine art will take your breath away. 
The designers of this restaurant should be applauded! There are so many fantastic touches to Zooma that one should not overlook. Such as the pasta makers hard at work as soon as you step inside the restaurant. Yes, that window to the left of you showcases pasta makers working their magic (all pasta is made in house). 
At first you may not know where to focus as there are so many beautiful elements to take in. 
The large, handsome bar. The splashy, colorful works of art adorning the walls. 
The whimsical chandeliers. 
Roaring fireplaces (not so roaring in the summer, but you get the idea). 
An open kitchen where their delicious food is prepared including their Neapolitan pizzas made with Caputo “00” flour and baked in their 800 degree wood fired oven. 
And let’s not forget the beautiful assortment of flowers and al fresco dining right on bustling Atwells Ave! 
Yes. This is a good looking place. And our waiter, Ben, just added to that! 😉 
My dinner date for the evening was my mother (“MA” for us Italians). 
Okay, that picture doesn’t do mom justice, so let’s use one from my niece’s 3 year old birthday taken a week ago, shall we?
Much better! 😉
“MA” knows Italian food, so I was curious to what her feedback would be. 
It was hard deciding what to order off Zooma’s enticing menu. So many good sounding options! 
We finally decided to try the Polpette di Zooma (three house meatballs with marinara & crostini) and their Margherita Pizza (house tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil) for appetizers. 
Meatballs are a personal favorite of mine and I am VERY (VERY) picky when it comes to swooning over any, however, Zooma’s meatballs were molto delizioso! But a meatball is only as good as it’s sauce in my opinion, and that is why these meatballs were over-the-top good! Zooma’s sauce would make any Italian grandmother proud! Perfetto! 
As for the Margherita Pizza, the crust was thin and crunchy and extremely delicious.
The taste was so fresh…and clean. Yes, clean. Simple, fresh, ingredients. You could taste the individual ingredients with each bite. It was so, so good and yes, “MA” agreed! 
For our entrees I ordered the Pollo alla parmigiana (fried Antonelli’s chicken breast, smoked mozzarella with spaghetti marinara). 
“MA” ordered one of the specials of the evening – Oven baked cod with lemon butter, Sicilian bread crumbs, mushrooms and olives served with grilled zucchini. 
Oh. Mio. Dio. 
The Pollo alla parmigiana was HUGE and the absolute BEST chicken parmigiana I have EVER had. Hands down. The smoked mozzarella melted onto the crisped chicken breasts provided such a delicious taste with each bite. The spaghetti was also fantastic with their marinara sauce (sans meatballs) and fresh basil sprinkled on top. I was in Italian food glory! 
The same goes for my mother’s baked cod dish! She was beyond impressed with it’s flavoring and freshness and we both couldn’t get over the perfectly grilled zucchini. 
Of course, being the Italians we are, even if we should, we could NEVER say no to dessert. 
I chose the Tiramisu and “MA” chose the bread pudding with caramel Gelato. 
Both are reason enough to go to Zooma’s! 😉 but the bread pudding won me over with it’s crunchiness and caramel Gelato. MMMMMM.
Who else is full just reading all that? 😉 
  • Monday-Thursday and Sunday 11:30am-10pm
  • Friday & Saturday: 11:30am-11pm
PARKING: Valet and street parking available. 
GROUPS: Zooma would make a wonderful location to host a special event, party or meeting. Visit for more information. 
GAY & LESBIAN FACTOR: Federal Hill has been trying to reach out to the LGBT clientele for quite some time now. I grew up on Federal Hill. My mother still lives there. I know this area very well and it has certainly changed – for the better. Smoke Lounge on Spruce street host a Latin gay dance night on Thursdays and Amici Bar & Grille has a large gay following on Sunday nights. The area is definitely becoming more of a hot spot for gays and lesbians in Providence. Trattoria Zooma is no exception. Dining at Zooma would make a perfect date night. Grabbing lunch or drinks with friends would also be a great time! I know a lot of my gay friends would absolutely swoon over the beautiful design and, regardless of sexual orientation, I assure you that you will love their food! My mother and I were treated wonderful and Trattoria Zooma was very welcoming to being featured on Gay Travel Information. I know I can’t wait go take my partner here. I am “OUTING” Trattoria Zooma as LGBT friendly and most definitely worthy of our business. 
There is no lack of amazing Italian restaurants in Rhode Island, especially “up the hill” on Atwells Ave. What separates Trattoria Zooma from the rest is it’s artsy, eclectic nature. Their homemade pasta, 800 degree wood fired oven, their twists on Italian classics and nightly specials and, oh yes, the decor! I cannot say enough about the restaurant’s vibe and atmosphere. Classy yet laid back, fun, hip, modern with an old world charm. You have to see it for yourself.
Dine al fresco on a temperate evening and take in the sights and sounds of Atwells Ave while dining on some of the best Italian food you’ll ever have. 
…. And, please, make sure my mouth isn’t full when you stop by my table to say hello! 😉 
Desiree Sousa
Out & About Travel / Gay Travel Information
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  1. Linda says:

    Excellent article, Des…..right on the money!! Everyone, don’t forgret to pair your dessert with a nice cup of coffee from Zooma…….rich and robust……a delightful end to an amazing meal! Ma

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