Gay Travel Information: Cuban Revolution – Providence, Rhode Island

Cuban Revolution / 50 Aborn Street / Providence, RI / 401-331-8829

**Note Aborn Street Location is closed! Please visit their Valley Street location Providence. Visit web site for more info.

Cuban Revolution is one of the most unique, satisfying, genuinely hip restaurants I have had the pleasure of reviewing.
They describe themselves as “A spirited swanky setting that propels you to tropical 1950’s Cuba. Rat Pack was kicking. Beatles were rocking. Malcolm X and MLK were teaching. JFK was a president, not just an airport….and Havana was about to explode!” 
This description is PERFECT as this is exactly how I felt when my partner and I stepped into the Cuban Revolution location on Aborn Street in downtown Providence. 
The restaurant is open, airy and definitely has a tropical feel with it’s high ceiling fans, swaying palms, Cuban & Latin music and funky wall art. 
Is there anything better than dining at a restaurant with killer music playing? I think not! It just sets the mood! The music playing made me want to get up and dance! No joke.
Cuban Revolution first opened in 2001 as a tiny 26 seat diner on Washington Street in Providence quickly becoming a local hot spot and key player in the transformation of the DownCity Arts and Entertainment District.
In January 2007 it moved to its new location on Aborn Street in DownCity Providence, now able to seat 80 people. In October 2007 they opened their stunning, award-winning second location at 60 Valley Street in Olneyville, on the west side of Providence in the renovated Mill District. The restaurant seats over 170.
On July 1, 2009, they opened their third location at the beautiful American Tobacco Campus in Durham, NC. Located just steps away from the Durham Bulls Triple A Baseball Park and the Durham Performing Arts Center in downtown Durham. The restaurant also seats over 170 and is located at 318 Blackwell Street
And before I get further into my review, let me just make one thing VERY clear – Cuban Revolution is EXTREMELY gay friendly and involved in the LGBT community! As a matter of fact, as I am writing this, they are preparing for their CHARITYRevolution event to support AIDS Project RI & The 27th Annual Aids Walk for Life. They also have taken part in events for marriage equality and were extremely eager to work with us here at Gay Travel Information. 
I am so in love with Cuban Restaurant, the restaurant, and the people behind Cuban Revolution. 
This is one restaurant that absolutely deserves the support of the LGBT community. 
Okay, where was I? 

Oh yes, the ambiance! So anyone who reads my reviews know I am a decor nut! I find the environment of a restaurant one of the most important factors and I love the vibe that Cuban Revolution provides. 
But, again, you can have a “pretty face” and no substance, luckily Cuban Revolution isn’t just GOOD LOOKS! 😉 
I have said this before, and I am sure I will say it again, I wish I was some fancy food critic that could use some big words to describe the uniqueness and deliciousness of the food I experienced, but alas, I am not. I am a simple blogger and travel agent, but I will try my best. 
THE FOOD! OH MY – THE FOOD! From the first bite until the last bite my partner and I were repeating over and over how delicious everything was. 
“Oh my God, this is soooooo good!” was said at least 500 times if not more. 
For an appetizer we chose two items from their Tapas menu — The Cuban Sampler (maduros, tostones, yuca fries and ham croquettes, which were out so we substituted with sweet potato fries) and Albondigas (meatballs in spicy garlic tomato sauce). 
The maduros (sweet fried bananas) melted in my mouth! I was so excited to find new food that I absolutely loved. The same applies for the Tostones (twice-fried plantain chips) and Yuca Fries (the Latin version of french fries made from Yuca, a potato like food). Both of these were seriously delicious! The Cuban Sampler comes with a Chimichurri dip (garlic and paisley based). Every bite was enjoyable! The Cuban Sampler is something I will order each time I visit. 
The Albondigas were also fantastic! The sauce was spicy but not overly so with garlic as the dominant flavor. 
For our entrees I ordered Cuban Revolution’s famous Steak Chimichurri (Sliced skirt steak grilled and topped with their original Chimichurri sauce, a blend of fresh garlic, parsley, oregano and extra virgin olive oil. Served with their incredible sweet potato fries, grilled pineapple, maduros and Cuban toast.) 
Jen ordered the Clams & Chorizo De Espana (Sweet tender baby clams and spicy chorizo in a delicious broth of homemade sofrito, tomatoes, onions, garlic and adobe. Served with maduros and Cuban toast.)
Already crushing on the food at Cuban Revolution, our entrees made us fall head-over-heels in love! 😉 
The Steak Chimichurri was cooked to absolute perfection, sliced thin and flavored perfectly with the Chimichurri sauce which was dolloped on top of the steak. The mix of flavors on my plate blended in a delicious fusion. Wow! 
Jen was in her own little Cuban-Portuguese heaven with Chorizo and baby clams covered in a broth exploding with flavor! 
She washed it all down with her delicious Berry Mojito! 😉 
For dessert we shared the Red Velvet Cake. YES! Red Velvet Cake! We were as excited as you are reading this! 
The serving size was perfect for two people to share. It was thick with a delicious white and chocolate frosting and the perfect ending to a perfect feast of food. 
I was sad to be so darn full and done with our meal because the ambiance and music of Cuban Revolution is so intoxicating, you just want to linger! You can do so at their nice sized bar or at one of their outdoor tables. 
The service was great! We loved our awesome waitress, Sarah, who was extremely efficient and took great care of us. 
  • Sunday-Thursday 11am-1am
  • Friday and Saturday 11am-2am
LOCATIONS: Cuban Revolution has two locations in Providence and one location in Durham, NC. Click here for more information
EVENTS: Cuban Revolution always has something exciting going on! For a current list of events click here

GAY & LESBIAN FACTOR: Cuban Revolution is off the charts gay friendly! As mentioned earlier in my review, they run the CHARITYRevolution event to support AIDS RI and have clearly supported LGBT equal marriage rights etc., — I also received a very spirited response from owner, Ed Morabito, showing great interest in working with us at Gay Travel Information. It is places like THIS that deserve the LGBT community’s support and respect. It is a win-win situation since the restaurant is so fabulous! Not only will you enjoy delicious food and ambiance you will also support a truly gay friendly establishment. My partner and I consider Cuban Revolution one of our favorites and cannot wait to return. We have been bragging about the food every since our review and I have a new love affair going on with Cuban food! lol! It goes without saying that I am “OUTING” Cuban Revolution as LGBT friendly and worthy of our business. 

Cuban Revolution has amazing food, ambiance, inspired artwork and music, which, according to their web site, is specifically chosen to set the stage for a return to an era when challenging the norm WAS the norm. When universities were hotbeds of political dissent. When the Rat Pack, Bardot and Marilyn were center stage and the promise of revolutionary Cuba filled the air. 
Everything about Cuban Revolution will surely impress. 
Desiree Sousa
Gay Travel Information / Out & About Travel
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  1. error404 says:

    Gay owned and operated is right next door to the 60 Valley St. location. Stop in and peruse the art before or after dinner!

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