Shogun Seafood Steak & Sushi – Warwick, Rhode Island

Shogun Seafood Steak & Sushi / 76 Jefferson Blvd / Warwick, RI / 1-401-270-3612

The first thing that is clear about Shogun Seafood Steak & Sushi is that it is family owned & operated and extremely proud of this fact. With that said, it is only fitting that I experienced this phenomenal restaurant with my own family!
This was our first experience at a Japanese Teppanyaki Restaurant and it will certainly not be our last.
I truly mean it when I say that you leave Shogun feeling as if you’ve know the chefs, servers and especially, Sue, the general manager forever. They are extremely personable, proud of their product, accommodating and oh…my….gosh… their food delicious.
A lot of people may assume that a night out at Shogun may be expensive, however, the restaurant is actually quite reasonable for all you get! Dinners start as low as $14 per person and are served with hibachi shrimp appetizer, hibachi vegetables, and white rice. You also get your choice of house soup or salad.
But more on the food in a second….
Shogun has a traditional, classic decor and is sleek and pleasantly lit with soft music playing.
There are 10 tables that seat 10 people plus a sushi bar in the back.
The restaurant was opened in 1990 as “Soli’s Japanese Steak House” in Warwick, RI. Now the location has expanded to two locations with a brand new name – “Shogun Seafood Steak & Sushi”.
The Warwick, RI restaurant is located at 76 Jefferson Blvd, and the Wakefield, RI location is at 59 South County Commons Plaza.
Soli, the owner of Shogun, has over 20 years of experience in hibachi cooking.
His two sons, Odi and Soli Jr. have become hibachi chefs working at the Warwick location.
We had the pleasure of having the adorable and quite entertaining Soli Jr. as our chef!
The restaurant manager, wife of restaurant owner, Soli, and mother to Odi & Soli Jr. (shhh, don’t tell them I said anything – lol), Sue, is extremely down to earth and friendly.
She explained how they only use the freshest of ingredients and that the food has no MSG.
She took extremely good care of my family and I from the second we arrived.
The first courses we were served was the absolutely delicious Miso Soup which was perfectly flavored and the House Garden Salad served with a zesty ginger dressing.
Next Sue surprised us with a couple of appetizers including the Beef Negima Yaki (Sirloin steak wrapped around scallions broiled in their homemade teriyaki sauce) and Gyoza (Pork dumplings, served with sauce). Our reactions were all the same — “Delicious!” We must’ve said this at least 100 times throughout the evening.
The Beef Negima Yaki was cooked to perfection with the most amazing teriyaki sauce I’ve ever tasted. Sue explained that all their sauces are made in house.
The pork dumplings were coated in a light batter, not that “heavy type batter” you usually get at other restaurants. They were incredibly good!
My family consisted of my fiance, Jennifer, my mother Linda, my future mother in-law, Gladys and my future Father in-law, John.
Jennifer & John ordered the Filet Mignon & Lobster dinner. My mother & I ordered the Filet Mignon & Chicken dinner and Gladys ordered the Hibachi Swordfish dinner.
For sides we ordered Fried Rice and Garlic Noodles.
Before we knew it Soli was prepping the food in an extremely entertaining fashion right before our eyes! He engaged with us while performing some of the coolest moves I’ve ever seen done while cooking.
I found it so interesting to witness authentic Japanese cuisine being prepared in front of me. You could see the amazing quality of the food being used. The smells had me salivating before I even tasted anything.
First the fried rice was served, then the garlic noodles and vegetables (mushrooms, zucchini, onions, and bean sprouts)….then came the shrimp and meat/seafood selections.
Everything was cooked to perfection. Words would fail to do the quality justice. You have to taste it for yourself – trust me!
Both the chicken and steak melted in my mouth and from the sound effects my dining companions were making, I would say the same held true for them! 😉
The seafood eaters at the table raved about how delicious the lobster and shrimp were as well.
Taking the advice of Sue, I was sure to dip my veggies and meat in the two house prepared sauces they served each of us, the trick is to dip the meats/veggies in BOTH sauces, at the same time, Sue explained.
This allows you to get that true hibachi flavor! The lighter sauce was mild with a ginger taste and the darker sauce had more of a kick with horseradish type flavor. Delicious!
The serving sizes were so generous we each had enough to take home.
Sue also surprised us with their special celebration drum salute and fried ice cream. Ironically it was my mother’s birthday only days before so this surprise worked out perfectly as we “pretended” to celebrate her birthday! 😉
The drum salute is such a nice, fun touch! Definitely unique and not something that you would fine anywhere else in Rhode Island.
The fried vanilla ice cream was the perfect ending to the perfect meal.
Although none of us had Sushi, I can tell you that their Sushi menu is extremely impressive and Shogun would be THEE place to go to for sure.
  • HOURS:  Monday-Thursday: 5-10pm; Friday-Saturday – 5-11pm; Sunday 4pm-9pm
  • RESERVATIONS: You can make your reservation request on line by clicking HERE.
  • GIFT CERTIFICATES: You can purchase gift certificates online by clicking HERE
Gay & Lesbian Factor: This may be one of the most gay friendly restaurants I have dined at in Rhode Island. Sue was extremely welcoming to my family and I and Molly, the woman I arranged the review through, responded to us quickly and was more than happy to welcome Gay Travel Information to Shogun! What I loved more than anything was how Sue, Soli and the servers all treated us. I felt like I had known them for quite some time. Sue made sure to ask us numerous times how everything was. I also loved learning about the history of Shogun and learning that Soli, the owner, was her husband and Soli Jr. and Odi, her sons. One of the things Sue said to us prior to us leaving was that they “had a lot of love to go around” and I believe this wholeheartedly. I felt no hesitation or awkwardness introducing my fiance, Jennifer, or my future in-laws. I would recommend Shogun not only for a fun night out with friends but also a special date night or location for a special celebration. It is definitely an experience not to be missed, whether you are a visitor or local. With that said I am “OUTING” Shogun Seafood Steak & Sushi as LGBT friendly and worth of our business! 
Shogun was an amazing experience. They keep you well fed and entertained from beginning to end. Between the smile on Soli Jr.’s face or the ease at which Sue interacted with my family and I and the constant access to the amazingly attentive servers, Shogun wins all around. A perfect 10-out-of-10 experience.
They definitely DO have “a lot of love to go around” and make it easy to fall in love with them. I cannot wait to go back and check out the Wakefield location as well.
Desiree Sousa
Out & About Travel / Gay Travel Information Blog
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