Trafford’s – Warren, Rhode Island

Trafford’s / 285 Water Street / Warren, RI / 1-(401)-289-2265

I love Warren, Rhode Island. The smallest town in the smallest county in the smallest state. Warren has an historical, artsy, nautical vibe with eclectic shops, antique stores, a world class theater, and an assortment of waterfront restaurants.One of these crown jewels is Trafford located at 285 Water Street.
Everything about Trafford is classic cool. The prime location on Warren’s waterfront, the restaurant’s beautiful, modern interior, outside deck, amazing food, friendly workers, beautiful bar and, as if this wasn’t enough, Trafford has live acoustic music on Wednesday nights!
I have always been one of those people that notice the little things, like the font used for Trafford’s logo or the way Trafford is spelled on the restaurant’s front door.
I love the different shades of grey and the way the grey seems to POP with the use of white.
I love the cork flooring, different works of art on the wall and twinkling white lights.
I appreciate the way the lighting perfectly accented the layout of the dining rooms or that each table had a different unique plant. I love that the deck wraps around the first floor with views of  the beautiful harbor and that, no matter where you sit in the restaurant, you have a water view. 
Trafford is the type restaurant you would expect to see somewhere along scenic route 30-A on Florida’s Emerald Coast or somewhere along the coast of Maine. Classy. Cool. Comfortable. Modern. Beachy.
As I looked around and took in the restaurant’s decor, I was greeted by Beth, the super friendly hostess. Beth has the type personality that makes you feel instantly at ease and as if you’ve known her forever! As she showed us to our table upstairs, I was taken by the bar’s design!
The shelves that hold the liquor are truly a work of art!!
Upstairs has more of a nautical, loft-type-vibe which blends perfectly with the worker’s breezy-cool uniform of blue jeans, turquoise polos and khaky colored aprons adorned with the Trafford logo.
Now, how about the food? 🙂
Oh. My. Trafford’s is not just a “looker”…..Trafford’s has substance inside and out! 
We were served hot rolls right from the oven with an oil and vinaigrette dipping sauce which was very good. The onion flavored rolls were super crispy and yummy!
For an appetizer I ordered the Caprese Salad and Jennifer ordered one of the evening’s specials — steamers!
The steamers were as delicious as they looked!  They were served in a beer broth which was seasoned with red and black pepper and lots of onions. The steamers were of high quality and steamed to perfection. Jen had no problem devouring this entire appetizer, including the delicious garlic bread, by herself! 😉 
I ordered the Caprese Salad which was served with sliced tomatoes,  fresh mozzarella, prosciutto, and a homemade basil orange vinaigrette (all of Trafford’s salad dressings, sauces, soups and rubs are made from scratch).
You could taste the organic freshness with each bite!
Both of these appetizers could easily be shared by 2-3 people! Trafford’s does not skimp on serving size at all! 
For our main course Jennifer ordered the Lobster Bolo made from fresh chucked lobster, tossed in a lemon chive aioli with greens Market Price. 
I ordered the Wood Grilled Sirloin Tips with a basil ginger marinade served over harissa laced mashed potatoes with sesame seared broccolini. 
The lobster bolo was overflowing with fresh lobster meat which, by the way Jen was chowing down, could only mean one thing – DELICIOUS!
My steak tips were marinated in a basil ginger marinade and were cooked to perfection.
I like my meat well done but not dry/burnt. Trafford’s mastered this perfectly. The steak was moist on the inside and crispy on the outside. The mashed potatoes had a spicy kick that left my mouth feeling happy after each bite! 
We made sure to take half of our meals home so that we could save room for dessert! Our waitress recommended the strawberry shortcake, which is what I ordered. Jen ordered their cheesecake.
While waiting for our desserts to arrive we were treated to the most spectacular sunset!
We were also treated to the sounds of Stone Leaf Acoustic Duo. They blew us away with their voices and guitar skills.
Dessert was exactly what I expected — amazing! And, not surprisingly, huge! 😉 The strawberry shortcake could feed two people easily. I had never seen so many fresh strawberries on a dessert. I could taste it now!
Such a  refreshing dessert and their biscuit was one of the best I have ever had (and due to my travels south, let’s just say, I know my biscuits! 😉 ) *****5-star yum!
The cheesecake was rich and creamy and made Jen do one of those cross-eyed-oh-my-god looks which is always a GOOD thing!
The entire evening was sensory overload! The food, the ambiance, the music, the sunset, the friendly service, the decor — everything about Trafford’s was pure perfection.
Trafford updates their menu between spring/summer and fall/winter. You can find information on their menu’s HERE
  • Lunch Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 11am-5pm
  • Dinner Hours: Tuesday-Thursday: 5pm-9pm; Friday & Saturday: 5pm-10pm; Sundays: 1pm-9pm.
  • Closed Mondays.
Trafford’s is delighted to host your next party or event. They have private and semi private function space. Their private space, located on the second floor, overlooks the historical Warren Waterfront.
FUN FACT: Trafford’s is named after head chef, Trafford Kane. How cool is that name? 🙂
GAY & LESBIAN FACTOR: One of the many beautiful things about Rhode Island is how gay friendly it is. Warren especially. I love how welcoming the local businesses have been to Gay Travel Information Blog!
Heather, the woman who set up our review, was extremely welcoming to being featured on our blog. I found Trafford’s to be the perfect place for not only a date with your honey, but a night out with friends or family! I felt very comfortable being affectionate with my partner and found the staff to be extremely attentive and friendly. Without a doubt I would recommend Trafford’s to the LGBT community. I am hereby “OUTING” Trafford’s as LGBT friendly and worthy of our business!
Trafford’s makes you want to wear white pants, sip on an exotic drink, enjoy fresh seafoodand bask in the sun. It is one of those restaurants that make you feel like you are on vacation, and what is better than that? 
It is a bright, happy, fun place with a winning combination of delicious food and decor.
As I grabbed my leftover bag from the table (in the most adorable, brown paper bag no less..ahem), I felt excited to share this find with my friends, family and readers of this blog.
Trafford’s is a MUST STOP  for anyone visiting the area or living in New England.
They will be celebrating their 1 year anniversary this June, and something tells me, there will be many, many more to follow.
If you can’t find me this summer I’ll be on the deck at Trafford’s chatting it up with Beth! 😉
Desiree Sousa
Out & About Travel / Gay Travel Information Blog
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