The Hotel Providence – Gay and Lesbian Friendly Rhode Island!

HOTEL PROVIDENCE – 139 Matthewson Street, Providence, RI 02903 / 401-861-8000

Welcome to the beautiful Hotel Providence!

At first glance one may drive past Hotel Providence and not realize the grand dame she is. Located on Matthewson Street, in the heart of Providence’s arts & entertainment district, the area surrounding the hotel isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as some of the other streets in the area. One such street, Westminster, is a block away from the hotel’s main entrance and loaded with urban, chic boutiques, cafes, antique stores, art galleries and live music venues.

Don’t let the outside appearance of Hotel Providence fool you! The second you walk into the lobby, housed in a restored building from 1897, you know you are in a classy, stylish, boutique hotel.

Be sure to spend some time appreciating the lobby’s decor!

My partner, Melanie, and I arrived on a Friday evening to a very friendly valet attendant who informed us that overnight parking would be $26 – ouch! However, compared to a city such as New York, where parking can exceed $50 a night, this can be considered a bargain. Plus, since The Hotel Providence was kind enough to host us, I can’t really complain about the cost of parking! ūüėČ

Walking into the lobby I was amazed by the fine art and one-of-a-kind objects adorning each corner. The hotel describes its lobby as having an “Opulent Belle Epoch Salon style” with some truly gorgeous oil paintings. You know it’s good when Melanie veers off and starts observing!

Check-in was quick and smooth and before we knew it we were on the elevator heading to our room on the 5th floor, # 524. I don’t know about you, but I always feel like a kid on Christmas morning right before I open the door to my hotel room. You never know what you are going to get! Melanie and I were not disappointed when we stepped inside.

Gorgeous view of Grace Church from our room, # 524.

The first thing that struck me was the view. We had a truly spectacular view of Grace Church, which opened its doors in 1846. For a second I felt like I was in London, taking photos of the church tower, and watching the sky turn from a misty, gray to soft shades of pink and purple.   



Melanie striking a pose!


Room /Hotel highlights:

  • Our standard, king bed, room was a nice size compared to other city hotels I have stayed at.
  • The bed was extremely comfortable and had beautiful burgundy & gold linens.
  • The antique furnishings were delightful.
  • The bathroom had marble flooring, subway tile, a beautiful pedestal sink and toiletries by Natura.

Grace Church

  • The view of Grace Church and Aspire’s courtyard (the hotel’s restaurant) were beautiful, not to mention the peaceful, chiming of church bells every hour until 9pm. Well, I at least thought they were peaceful. Melanie’s head spun at one point.
  • The local artwork in room.
  • Keruig Coffee Maker.
  • iPod docking station (Melanie pointed out is called iHome).
  • The hotel is pet friendly!
  • Fast and (somewhat) reasonable room service ($7 for a triple-decker¬†grilled cheese with fries; $10 for burger with fries; $8 for a personal Margarita pizza; $8 for a baby arugula salad; $25 for steak frites; $19 for wild mushroom ravioli etc., There is a $2.50 delivery charge & 20% gratuity added.)¬†

Peering down Westminster’s side street’s provide whimiscal views!

The architecture in Providence is truly unique!

Westminster Street has an artsy, urban, chic vibe!

Aspire’s beautiful courtyard

  • Aspire Restaurant & A-Bar. According to the hotel’s web site, Aspire is an acclaimed new restaurant that serves contemporary Rhode Island cuisine featuring the freshest New England ingredients. A-Bar is Providence’s latest hot spot with cozy booths, lively bar¬†and outside seating. A-bar is laid back with sexy cool decor.¬†¬†


Melanie doing her “thing” in Hotel Providence’s Brown University Room.


  • Special function rooms including The Brown University Room, Rhode Island School of Design Room and Johnson & Wales Room.

The Hotel Providence is housed in a beautifully, restored, 1897 building.

  • Roof top terrace.
  • Another feature that sets Hotel Providence apart is their ‘Discover your Passion’ series that offers weekend courses to fuel your creativity. Everything from learning how to write a novel, to taking photos, cooking and painting.

My only complaints, which are¬†extremely small,¬†are that we did not have a flat screen TV and that there was a scale in the bathroom (an absolute no, no when traveling in my opinion…especially when you make a late night decision to order a triple-decker grilled cheese…just sayin…lol).¬†¬†Also, I didn’t see any sort of vending machine or mini mart downstairs for late night snacks or drinks, however, I did read that their was an ice machine.

Samantha Brown from The Travel Channel would’ve chucked this out the window, I am sure! ūüėČ

Antiques are to be found throughout the hotel’s lobby


Roots Cafe – Westminster Street

Roots Cafe – Westminster Street

Roots Cafe – Westminster Street



Melanie at Roots Cafe – Westminster Street

Let me elaborate a bit more on, and one of Hotel Providence’s finest¬†features is – location! Having the benefit of being steps away from one of Providence’s hippest streets, Westminster, is a major bonus!


Downtown Providence side street’s are so atmospheric!

Walking down Westminster street toward Eddy street.

As a local, I am always taken aback by the beauty of Providence. Melanie and I were lucky that we caught a relatively mild winter day, mid 50’s, and had the pleasure of exploring downtown as the late afternoon, stormy sky cleared to cast a glow that illuminated the city streets like spotlights in an art gallery.

Providence IS a work of art.

I developed a stiff neck from constantly looking up at the beautiful architecture and taking photos. I’ve driven by these buildings thousands of times and I never grow tired of their intricate details and beauty.

Small Point Cafe – Westminster Street

Providence, known as the Renaissance city, is home to 7 Universities, including RISD, Brown & Johnson & Wales. It is modern, hip, chic, sleek, sexy, eclectic and extremely gay friendly (over 7 gay & lesbian nightclubs in the city and consistently voted one of the top 10 places for lesbians to live). I have no doubt that the gay marriage bill will pass this year. When that happens this city will attract even more LGBT visitors.

Gay & Lesbians are pretty much intercepted everywhere. It is not uncommon to see same-sex¬†couples strolling down streets holding hands. This is most evident on the East Side, such as Thayer Street and Wickendon Street, which has become known as our “Castro district.”

Cheese lovers must stop at Farmstead!

ENO, a popular wine bar, located next door to Farmstead.

Walking down Westminster Street you can’t help but feel how all the shops compliment each other in almost a poetic way. I love that there is a bookstore near a cafe or a wine shop near a cheese shop. Westminster street is black v-neck sweaters, expensive jeans, thrift store sneakers, dark rimmed eye glasses, coffee, wine, art, music and antiques. There is truly a heartbeat here. It is a mix of intellectuals, musicians and artists. It, like most of downtown Providence, has a distinct vibe. And did I mention how CLEAN this city is? I have traveled to 42 states and Providence is among the most clean cities – anywhere. Bravo, Providence!

Symposium Books is one of my favorite book stores in the entire state. Great selection and friendly staff.

I could do some serious damage in Clover!

Homestyle is a great place to find the perfect quirky gift!

As if Clover Boutique wasn’t cool enough? This adorable dog was flirting with us through the window!

There is much more to say about Providence, but I will save that for my next review.

I will end by saying that I highly recommend The Hotel Providence. I can see why it received the AAA 4-diamond rating and is constantly voted the highest rated hotel in the city.

Any gay & lesbian would feel right at home here.

I am hereby “OUTING” Hotel Providence as gay & lesbian friendly and worthy of our business! ūüôā

-Desiree Sousa

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6 Responses to “The Hotel Providence – Gay and Lesbian Friendly Rhode Island!”
  1. Linda says:

    That was a specifically honest and passionite review of Hotel Providence. I have stayed at Hotel Providence last year. I agree with everything, although my lamp shades could not be any more “straighter” then they were. Lovely room, warm hospitality, and as Desiree beautifully pointed out, EXCELLENT location!!! Great review……hope to visit you guys again soon!!

  2. Naeno says:

    Excellent reporting! Makes me want to visit now!

  3. Thank you, thank you! We are so happy you enjoyed your stay at Hotel Providence. You’re right about the beauty of the city, through your photographs our passion for the unique architecture which surrounds us has been renewed! xoxo Hotel Providence

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