Gay and Lesbian Travel: The Options are Limitless!

The beauty of travel is options to see and experience the world are truly limitless.
Our “average clients” tend to be in their late 20’s to mid 60’s and prefer everything from beach destinations with active nightlife to relaxing at a beach resort offering a luxury spa and fine dining.
A sample of tours we have sent clients on during our 11 years of business include trekking vacations to Kilimanjaro, expedition cruises to Antarctica, bicycle tours throughout France, culinary tours in Italy, kayak tours in Baja, Mexico, luxury tours to Egypt, eco tours to Costa Rica, African safari’s and luxury villa stays in Greece.
We have sent clients on gay & lesbian exclusive cruises, yacht vacations and river tours.
We’ve booked clients at gay & lesbian ski weeks throughout the world as well as gay & lesbian pride events.
We’ve had the pleasure of arranging honeymoons for our clients and booking family travel for couples with children.
Several requests that are pretty consistent is the average client prefers moderate to deluxe accommodations and a destination that is gay & lesbian friendly.
The number of trips we’ve booked to Jamaica in 11 years? ZERO. Just saying.
We’ve also noticed a trend toward group travel. Many clients prefer traveling in small gay & lesbian exclusive groups (between 11-15 people). Although we book a lot of customized packages, our # 1 seller are group tours & cruises. This is primarily due to comfort of traveling with “family” and the opportunity to make new friends.
Many clients are motivated to travel purely to experience new destinations and escape the monotony of day-to-day life. Travel allows them a sense of “escapism” and time to “recharge their batteries.”
What motivates YOU to travel? Are you overdue for an escape? Let us know! 🙂

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