Gay & Lesbian Travel – Hotter Than Ever!

As a travel agent who specializes in gay & lesbian travel, I follow the news and trends in this niche closely.
I am always asked how business is and I am lucky enough to respond, “Very well!”
Why is this? Beside providing top notch customer service, amazing value and a price match guarantee, gay & lesbian travel, as a whole, continues to thrive!
I am constantly amazed at the amount of gay & lesbian tours & cruises announced each year. Even us here at Out & About Travel have started a sister company called, OutLOUD Cruises. We have a gay & lesbian group cruise scheduled for December 4-11, 2011 to the Western Caribbean.
There are literally hundreds of options available. Everything from Antarctica voyages, Peru adventure tours, Baja kayak trips, Italy culinary tours, Florida beach vacations, gay & Lesbian exclusive cruises, gay family vacations and gay ski trips. We try very hard to keep our listings current. You can find latest availability HERE.
Another positive is that pricing for these tours & cruises haven’t fluctuated that much in recent years. We have not seen a major increase in prices, whereas many of the “straight” travel market, has.
Yes, gay & lesbian exclusive travel is here to stay! 🙂
Out & About Travel is always eager to assist you with your plans. We have been to many of the places you desire to go and have hands on knowledge that will guide you along with your decision making.
We always like to remind our clients that WE DO NOT CHARGE A SERVICE FEE. All you have to do is email us at with detailed information on what you are interested in, and we will do the rest.
Before I end this blog post, I also want to remind you all to follow us on Twitter (@gaytravelpros) or click here:
And of course, visit our main web site at
Thanks for your continued support!
Desiree (a.k.a. “Travlgrrl”)
One Response to “Gay & Lesbian Travel – Hotter Than Ever!”
  1. Siem reap says:

    Travelling is a fascinating way to discover and know the world, surely, much more than studying geography, history and local culture on books full of pictures.

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