Spirit Journeys – Gay Travel – Beautiful lands, magical places and amazing people!


Spirit Journeys offers extraordinary gay travel, vacations, tours and retreats at magical destinations all over the world. Whether it be on adventure travel tours or attending a retreat, their aim is to offer you a chance to “get away from it all”, to connect with others and to explore the mysteries and cultures that are in the world around us. You will never be the same after a Spirit Journeys trip.

They have four types of offerings: Journeys, Retreats, Workshops and Coaching.

Their Journeys are travel adventures to some of the most incredible spots, visiting some of the most amazing peoples our planet offers. These vacation packages are normally 12 to 16 days long and offer unique ways to experience the world. The goal is to go behind the scenes of ordinary gay vacations; to allow you to see, hear and feel things that typical tourists do not get to experience. From spending the night with a hill tribe family in Thailand to being at temples in Egypt when you are the only people present, gay tours with Spirit Journeys allow you to travel and engage the world as very few people ever will.

The Retreats are typically seven days in length, usually from Sunday to Saturday and are more eclectic in nature than our Workshops. At the Retreats they combine things like yoga, erotic exploration, tantric yoga, breathwork, sweat lodges, shamanism, trance dance, play days and much more. Whether they travel to a romantic five star wellness center in Belize or go to a rustic Zen center in New Mexico, their retreats provide a chance to play, rest, relax, reconnect and rejuvenate.

The Workshops are usually held over a weekend, from Thursday or Friday to Sunday. A Workshop deals with things such as Tantra; Naked Yoga; Erotic Exploration; Meditation; The Spiritual Journey; Gay Spirituality; Gay Couples; Gay Singles; and a host of other topics. Over the course of the weekend you are given the opportunity to learn and practice new things and make new friends.

Coaching provides an opportunity for Spirit Journeyersto put into action the insights that may have been realized while attending a Spirit Journey. They also recognize that some people are not able to participate in their programs or travel with them, so coaching brings the essence of what Spirit Journeys is all about directly into your living room.


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