Easter Island Gay Tour!

Exotic Adventures on Easter Island

March 15-20, 2011

For the truly adventurous, we offer an in-depth exploration of Easter Island. This far flung island in the South Pacific is a great destination for a hike-bike-relax vacation. Over 2000 miles from the nearest population center, Easter Island has long attracted and intrigued visitors with its iconic giant moai statues. But this remote island with its quirky landscape also offers great opportunities for active exploration. We will hike, bike and explore one of the most fascinating archeological sites in the world. As with all of our Alyson Adventures we offer the active adventures that bring us closer to the environment, but we won’t be surprised if the laid back attitude of the Rapa Nui people may occasionally tempt us to slow down the pace and enjoy the scenery.

Easter Island is a volcanic island of some 67 square miles. It consists mainly of three extinct volcanoes: each at one of the points of this triangular island. Terevaka, the highest at an altitude of 507 meters, forms the bulk of the island with Poike and Rano Kau at the eastern and southern headlands. Along the miles of coastline are the ahus or platforms which host the great moai statues with their arresting presence and brooding faces. We will explore the island and its culture, then relax and respect the tradition of island time.


  • Hike to the highest point for a rousing view of the island.
  • Bike quiet island roads to see the famous moai statues.
  • Enjoy a barbecue on the beach.
  • Ride along the south coast to see a fantastic blowhole where the ocean meets the land, and Rano Raraku with its half-carved moai still attached to the ground.
  • Choose an optional horseback ride.
  • Check out the village and the Easter Island museum.
  • Relax in true Rapa Nui style.
  • Ask us about mainland Chile extension.


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