Montana Gay & Lesbian Dude Ranch Vacation!

Montana Ranch Vacation

Lazy E-L Ranch

July 17-23, 2011
Grab your cowboy hat and boots and head to Montana for an authentic wild, west experience. Located 30 miles from Yellowstone National Park, the Lazy E-L is a working cattle ranch with 12,000 acres and 2,000 head of cattle. From the lodge porch enjoy views of 12,500-foot peaks and wide open pastures. Kick-back, relax, and enjoy riding with real cowboys and cowgirls on this one-of-a kind OutWest Adventure! Happy Trails!


  • Horseback riding on 12,000 acres
  • Driving 2,000 head of cattle
  • Gazing at the 12,500 foot peaks of the Beartooth Mountains
  • Playing cowboy for a week
  • Leaving the daily routine behind for a week


One Response to “Montana Gay & Lesbian Dude Ranch Vacation!”
  1. Bill says:

    like to check it out

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